Stencil Fratelli Gregorio (Manerbio - Brescia): produzione e vendita

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F.lli Gregorio Snc, long-term experienced in the Stencil production field, is specialized in realising artistic ornaments, both on inner and outer walls.

The Company makes use of computerized instruments and automated procedures, that allow personalized ornements in different sizes. This way high artistic and creative quality results are granted.

F.lli Gregorio creations, representing the synthesis of Stencil ancient art joined to modern technologies, adorn quite different ambients by creating artistic atmospheres of intense involvement.

Such a decorative technique was still present three thousands years ago in the rich oriental culture and only at the end of nineteenth century it was spread in Europe by the English colonists. Stencil is therefore used for decorating any object, from furniture up to textiles, to walls. As a matter of fact such a technique is of easy application both if realised on a wall or on a cloth.

Stencil drawing can be simple or with sequence repeated motif, nearly to from a frame.